How to become a Host Family?

1. Free Registration as a Family:

  • Begin your journey by registering on for free.
  • Craft a compelling profile that showcases your family’s uniqueness.
  • Make your expectations for your future Au Pair clear and concise.
  • Utilize easy grammar and vocabulary, especially if using your mother tongue.
  • Register as a Host Family at

2. Search for a Prospective Au Pair:

  • Explore profiles and start building a list of potential Au Pairs.
  • Add favored candidates to your Favorites to express interest.
  • Send free requests to top candidates for further engagement.
  • Join to Find Your Perfect Au Pair.

3. Become a Premium Member:

  • Elevate your experience by becoming a Premium Member.
  • Unlock the ability to send personalized emails to Au Pairs of interest.
  • Foster better communication and understanding between both parties.
  • Aim to contact 5-10 Au Pairs daily for efficient matching.
  • Upgrade to Premium Membership for Enhanced Features.

4. Arrange a Video-Interview:

  • Conduct live video calls with shortlisted Au Pair candidates.
  • Gain deeper insights and assess compatibility effectively.
  • Mitigate potential scam attempts by opting for video interviews.
  • Tips for a Successful Video-Interview.

5. Sign the Au Pair Contract and Formalize:

  • Download the Au Pair contract template and tailor it to your needs.
  • Discuss all terms and expectations with your chosen Au Pair.
  • Sign the contract and share the original if a visa is required.
  • Include travel cost assistance in the contract, specifying installments.
  • Download the Au Pair Contract Template.

6. Prepare for the Au Pair’s Arrival:

  • Communicate the situation to your children, facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Ensure the Au Pair’s room meets requirements and is well-furnished.
  • Exchange contact details for effective communication.
  • Prepare a working schedule for a clear understanding of daily routines.

7. Meet Your Au Pair and Enjoy the Experience:




To be eligible for the Au Pair program, Host Families must meet certain criteria. Here’s a quick rundown of the essential requirements:

  1. Presence of Children:

    • Host Families must have at least one child under the age of 18. Specific regulations may vary by host country.
  1. Dedicated Au Pair Room:

    • Host Families are required to provide a private room for the Au Pair that aligns with the basic standards set by the Au Pair program.
  1. Full Board and Pocket Money:

    • Offering three daily meals is a must, as the Au Pair will be residing with the family.
    • Monthly pocket money must be provided in accordance with the program standards of the respective country.
    • Important Note: Host Families are prohibited from deducting any boarding costs from the Au Pair’s pocket money.

Au Pair Duties and Family Dynamics: While the Au Pair becomes an integral part of the family, there are specific rules and guidelines to be observed. Understanding these responsibilities is crucial for a harmonious coexistence.

Nationality & Spoken Language: Host Families should primarily communicate in the main language of the host country within their home. This aligns with the core objective of the Au Pair program—cultural exchange. Additionally:

  • The Au Pair is expected to learn or enhance their proficiency in the host country’s language.
  • To facilitate cultural diversity, the Host Family should select an Au Pair of a nationality different from their own.

Other Considerations: Host Families are advised to uphold their responsibilities throughout the Au Pair’s stay. To prevent potential misunderstandings or conflicts, it’s recommended to thoroughly discuss various aspects of the program with the Au Pair and document the agreements in the Au Pair contract.

If your family aligns with these participation criteria, take the next step by registering as a Host Family. Explore our guide on finding a great Au Pair in seven steps, and familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for Host Families in your country!