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Dear my future host family, Will I be the right match for your family? Please check this out! Below is some general information that may help you to gain a better understanding of who I am and make ...

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bullet 34 Years old
bullet From Netherlands
bullet Living in Buriram
bullet She can speak English
bullet no childcare experience
bullet bachelor years of education
bullet Not qualified for Infant care
bullet First-aid trained
bullet Swimmer

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Special Dietary Considerations
None - I eat everything
check Pet Care check Special Needs Children
check Elder Care check Housekeeping
  December 2010 - December 2010
From 3 - 12 months
Seeking Live-in
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Family Preference
check No Smoking check Swimming
check First Aid check Own a Car
check Valid License check Special Dietary Considerations
bullet Thailand
Prefered Countries
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Letter to Family

Dear my future host family,
Will I be the right match for your family? Please check this out! Below is some general
information that may help you to gain a better understanding of who I am and make a clear
choice as to whether I’m the one whom you are looking for or not.
I’d like to begin by telling you a few things about myself. My friends and family
all call me “Aor” .I’d like you to call me that too. I’m an Au pair from Thailand, amazing
country in southeast Asia where you should come to visit. I’m sure that if you came here
once, you would want to come again! I was born in “Buriram” the city that serves as the
gateway to Thailand’s northeastern provinces. I’m currently living in Bangkok, the capital
of Thailand, which in Thai means the “City of Angels” Bangkok is one the world’s most
popular tourist destinations.
There are four in my parents, my grandmother, my mother, my brother and I. I’d like
to see them happy because they are everything to me. They are now waiting to see me on the
day I could reach one of my dreams as an Au Pair in Netherlands.
I’m looking at my life and work thought fully, I’m honest, caring, friendly, patient,
openminded, and hardworking person. Also, I love to laugh, which explains why my favorite
type of movie is a comedy. Besides this, I love learning about new cultures and different
ways of life. I’ve already been preparing to be a high quality Au Pair by learning about
children through reading magazines, searching from the websites, and asking other people
knowing will about children, whenever I have questions. These activities have become my
hobbies nowadays. Furthermore, I always try to improve my English by studying on my own
and attending English lessons.
Let me tell you about my background in childcare. I started being trained in taking care
of children at “Children Booster Center & Nursery” ( Paninan Boriruk School) I love my
boss, my teachers, and the entire staff here a lot because they are so kind to me. I
learned a lot from here. I always got answer I had any questions about children. I could
say that “Children Booster Center& Nursery” became my second home during I was being
trained. I didn’t get only childcare experience here but also made close Friendships with
all the people at this nursery.
All the children are cute and smart indeed, I enjoyed playing with them so much. This
place gave my many chances to work with families, I was sent to work as a babysitter/nanny
for two families. I feel this school really prepared me to be an efficient caregiver. I’m
now very confident about taking care of children. Having experiences outside the nursery
really gives me more chances to understand children more.
What I’m going t say is my best experience in childcare. Being a nanny for “Kamthongvijit”
family. I do really feel connected with this family, especially with their little
princes. I’m very delighted that my life as a nanny started with this lovely family. I
experienced many very delighted I was touched and impressed by. Although my relationship
with my boss has been as boss/employee, they were really kind to me a great sense of
accomplishment knowing that I am assisting the parents in raising happy, healthy, and
well-adjusted children. I took care of one girl as if they were mine.
The First Queen is Elizabeth 1.5 years old, she always smiles and loves dancing. I often
helped her in her development. And I enjoyed singing together. How about Elizabeth? She
become a dancer when we sang once, and I played musical instruments for kids and English
sang. We were like a band at that time. Danced while she played the drum in our band. It
was a lot of fun. I loved to see she smile and laugh. She brought me joy and brighten my
day. My friends always asked me if I’m singing or speaking and beg me to stop singing
because it’s too horrible to listen to. However, there are at least one little
extraordinary girl she like my voice and want me to sing for her.
It’s great to watch to her grow emothionally, physically, and cognitively in a safe and
nurturing environment. Although it lasted only about six months, I learned a lot from my
boss and found out myself that I truly love working with families. Mistakes are mistakes
and we all surely should try to learn from. I sometimes did some mistakes also. But I
could learn from them. Luckily, my boss is a great person who always gave me the chance to
improve myself. I thought that if this family were a family in the Netherlands, my life
as and Au Pair would be perfect. The times with “Kamthongvijit” family will always be a
big part of my memory.
All my experiences were fantastic for me. I could get along well not well not only with
the kids, but also with their parents. I love taking care of children and I truly have a
love for them. I don’t see it as a job: I see it as a great compliment for my life. I love
children of all ages: I can learn and experience new things with them. Seeing things
through their eyes is one of the most amazing gifts, which I believe nanny, babysitter,
and Au Pair can get.
To become an Au Pair would not only allow me to learn more English. It would also be a new
chapter in my life: give me the chance to Find enjoyment in feeling that I have some part
in another child’s life. Meeting a new family, one that is very likely much different
from my own, also excites me. I really would like to have one part of my life with the
children in their family and see them grow. Moreover, there is something magical about
every place, and I cannot wait to find more magical places with your family!
I’m not sure I have mentioned everything you’d like to know. Would you like to know more
about me? (Please say “Yes” ) If so, I would be pleased to talk with you on the phone at
any time.

Best regards,
Wilaiporn Wongsabut
(Au Pair from Thailand)

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