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Dear My future Host Family, My name is Judy, I am from the capital of Hungary Budapest but since 2 years I live in Veresegyhaz in my own flat. So I really know what it is like to running a household. ...

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bullet 35 Years old
bullet From Hungary
bullet Living in Budapest
bullet She can speak English, German
bullet no childcare experience
bullet 17 years of education
bullet Not qualified for Infant care
bullet No first-aid training
bullet Swimmer

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Special Dietary Considerations
None - I eat everything
check Pet Care check Special Needs Children
check Elder Care check Housekeeping
  October 2011 - October 2011
From 12 - 16 months
Seeking Live-in
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None, all.
check No Smoking check Swimming
check First Aid check Own a Car
check Valid License check Special Dietary Considerations
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Letter to Family

Dear My future Host Family, My name is Judy, I am from the capital of Hungary Budapest but
since 2 years I live in Veresegyhaz in my own flat. So I really know what it is like to
running a household. My father is an architect; my mum is working for the government as a
tax adviser. I have three sisters: two younger(20,23) and one older (33). So I come from a
big family where I could learnt what is to caring for each other, to prepare food and to
keep clean our rooms. I've get my graduation degree in economic at the Corvinus University
of Budapest and I have worked at many companies as financial assistant in Hungary but
after a while I decided that it is the time to join this program, to fulfill one of my big
dream, to live and work in the USA as an aupair As it is my big wish since 7 years. I
choose this Au Pair program because it is absolutely fits to my skills and on the other
hand, offer me challenges to improve my language skills, to know more about how families
live in America, their routines so it's a good opportunity to learn from each other. Why I
would be good au pair for your children? Because I have patient, enjoy playings, talkings
with little kids and caring for them and I know what responsibility to look for them. I
really love spend time with children. Let me say some words about my childcare
experiences: Since one of my close friend's child was born(Viki), every summer I take care
of her for a whole month, she is now 7 years old. I helped to bathing her, changing
clothes, and feeding her. We did several activities such as coloring, singing songs, and
exercising. I really enjoy these times. I always try to spend time creativly, not just
watching tv or a video, I always teach her something new for example: sticking perls for a
necklace, making and coloring paper dolls, then painting an empty bottle, making
hand-puppet or just sculpturing with plasticine and during these time she can use her
imagination which also develop her creativity. If the weather is good, we go to the
playground or jump up to the bicycle. On the weekends we making lunch together (just
simple ones: cream-soups, crumbling chicken then I bake it). It is so interesting to see
her growing up. Children have very original ideas and very mature thought. Adult people
can learn a lot by watching and talking with them. I know that children are not just a
pleasure but also a huge responsibility which requires a watchful attention, lots of
patience and understanding. Almost every month, my sister's friend Mariann ask me to care
for her little Mano, he is now almost 3 years old. I also help to take care for him. We
played and hiking a lot. I could honestly say that I enjoyed it so much. We play with
puzzles, painting, making arts and crafts projects, playing games or inventing new and fun
things to do. I like encourage children to ask questions and helping them discover the
things around them. Some words about myself: I am a sociable, open minded and reliable
person. I like cycling, like nature and animals. I like to communicate with people, it
bring me pleasure and inspiration. I also really enjoy to spend time with my friends and
get to know new people. It is very important for me to be honest. If there are any
problems in my life, I try my best to handle them and to solve them as fast as possible, I
never keep problems inside, try to talk it out,talking is always a way to built trust. I
love travelling and I am not afraid to make new experiences. I've got a photographic
addiction:), take lot and lots of photos as I could. One day I would like to be
professional! Since I live separeted from my family, I become independent I learnt how to
adapt to every kind of situations. I try to cook every day, I began to live more
consciously which has affect for my every days, mostly my eating habits has changed since
I „left” my family. For me it is very important to eat healthy foods because as I see it
has a huge affect on everybody’s mood, concentration ability. For example I try to eat
vegetables every day, if I had a big lunch, then try to eat less fatty food for dinner,
drink 1-2 liter liquid every day, so don’t think in radical way:), I just like to feel a
sound mind in a sound body :). I have a very good relationship with my parents and
sisters, every weekend we have lunch together, help to my mother in the garden, she's
biggest passion is her garden:). In every time I can count on my parents and I also
support them if there is a problem. Last year I spend a short time in Milano with my
friends, It had a great impressed on me. The Italian culture, their foods so I began to
study Italian language, what brings me a lot of pleasure. In my spare time I like to meet
with my friends, reading, cooking new dishes. I really enjoy to cook, some way it relax me
:). Me and my younger sister Kate always cooking muffins and cakes together. She’s
favourite is apple pie, mine is the brownie with dry fruits. I can make different kind of
soups, pastas and one of my favorite is Chinese dishes. So I would be glad to cook for
your family:). I hope to find a happy, friendly, patient and caring family which similar
to my family where I will be part of the family, not someone who is just an employee I am
looking forward to have an amazing experience this year, enjoy every single day. I really
want to enjoy this year as an au pair, I believe that taking care of your kids will be a
great experience for us and I will do my best for them. I am waiting for you call. Judy

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