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Dear host family, My name is Natasha or Nasha, I'm 26 turning 27 in august. I'm graduated specialist of medicine and for three years working on my own project (background for my future doctor degree...

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bullet 35 Years old
bullet From Ukraine
bullet Living in Dniepropetrovsk
bullet She can speak English, Russian, Ukrainian
bullet no childcare experience
bullet 4 years of education
bullet Not qualified for Infant care
bullet First-aid trained
bullet Swimmer

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Special Dietary Considerations
None - I eat everything
check Pet Care check Special Needs Children
check Elder Care check Housekeeping
  July 2012 - July 2012
From 3 - 24 months
Seeking both live-in and out
  Weekly Salary Expectation Is

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Prefers a Family in the Age Group

Family Preference
None, all.
check No Smoking check Swimming
check First Aid check Own a Car
check Valid License check Special Dietary Considerations
Prefered Countries
China, Taiwan,
Prefered Nationalities

Letter to Family

Dear host family,
My name is Natasha or Nasha, I'm 26 turning 27 in august. I'm graduated specialist of
medicine and for three years working on my own project (background for my future doctor
degree, I hope). I'm very interested in chinese medicine and really love chinese language
and culture. My goal is to learn chinese and then try to get a doctor degree in China.
My best friend started to learn chinese 3 years ago and now she lived in Chongqing.
I born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (same town I live now), but when I was 16 my parents
took me to the USA. My mother is IT-specialist and my father was a journalist (brilliant,
I must say). We lived there for one year in small village Reklaw, Texas, and I studied in
Rusk High School. But my mother wanted me to attend good University, so we came back to
Now my father passed away and I live with my mother (I'm single-doughter). She is very
kind person and very reasonable and she supports my decision whole-heartly.
So, as I said before, I'm physician. I dreamed to be a physician since childhood
(actually, in early life I dreamed to be space physician and work on the spaceship =)). I
gradueted high school with summa cum laude (silver medal for academic excellence) and my
favorite lessons was phisics, biology and chemistry. Also I loved math and for a while
considered to go for IT, as my mother encourages me. But, after all, I entered
Dnipropetrovsk National University's medical department and computer courses in addition.
In following years IT and web-development transforms to the sort of hobby for me. I create
web-sites for my friends and sometimes earn money on this.
Another hobby of mine is english literature. You see, I'm sherlockian (which means
Sherlock Holmes fan) and I do different researches, write articles and fiction and visit
other sherlockians from other cities.
And the greatest love of last 3 years is chinese language and literature, of course. I
took chinese language courses, listen to chinesepod, watch chinese dramas and TV-shows.
In university I got part-time job as helpdesk manager in bank in order to help my mother,
and also I prepared school leavers for university exams on biology, chemistry, math and
english. After internship I started to work as physician (medical laboratory diagnostics).

I like to travel and I have an expirience of traveling to another countries and cities, as
I mentioned before. I lived in USA and I've spend some time in Russia, Moldova and Poland
(my neighbour countries)
Though I'm single child in family I have a cousin, who's 14 years younger than me. I often
spend my time looking after him even now, but when he was a little child I stayed with
him for days. I love children and they love me in return, because I always play with them.
Actually I always play with my friends many children games, for I find children games
more fun and interesting than cards or whatever. And I like to teach, I love chemistry,
math and web-programming and I always happy when I can get people intrested in this great
sciences, though I have diploma that only allows me to teach biology or first aid.
Below I listed the main reasons why I think that this program is very good opportunity for
me to visit China and start to gain my goal (which is to get doctor degree in China
- I like learning and I want to learn chinese
- I want to make many friends and I like to cooperate with children
- I love chinese culture from afar and this is the great opportunity to see it from inside

- For now I have very little money to attend university but I'm hard-working and full of
And the reasons why you would like me to be your au pair:
- I'm very friendly and sociable (friends says that I have some sense of humor)
- My english is not bad and it improves, besides recently I've got some oxford accent
instead of texas one =) And I can get TOEFL sertificate if needed
- I'm physician with diploma
- Apart from english I can share my knowledge of biology, chemistry, math, phisics and
some other languages (russian, ukrainian and polish)
- I'm good with computer and I like to cook (ukrainian and european food)
- I think that the best way to teach child something is to show him that it is very cool
to know it. And I'm master in that =) (also I really love to read books and enjoy to read
Thank you for your attention
Best regards

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